7 yummy Southern dishes to take to Sunday church

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So many amazing recipes come out of the South and are handed down through generations. Many of them are potluck dishes and Sunday church favorites that have graced sharing tables for longer than anyone can remember.
It's just as great to add the odd culinary tweak to an old standard as it is to honor family recipes by preparing them just as your great-aunt did. What's a definite here is that these recipes are all absolutely delicious and will be perfect for your next church gathering.
Southern style macaroni salad
This salad right up there with all the best pasta salads you've ever tried. Tuna, onion and egg combine with a creamy dressing and a fresh crunch of celery for the perfect cold dish to take to Sunday church. Get the recipe here.
Southern buttermilk biscuits
I love how biscuits can work any time of the day. For breakfast, they’re amazing smothered in sausage gravy or drenched in honey or jam and butter. At lunch, they make a nice accompaniment to a salad or soup. At dinner, they can be dunked into chili or used to top a chicken pot pie. And for dessert, of course, there’s biscuit-based strawberry shortcake. Get the recipe here.
Southern Tennessee meatloaf
This meatloaf might not be fancy, but it is one of the most comforting meals on the planet. Part of the reason might be because it's nothing fancy. It takes just tender and moist beef, a few seasonings and enough zesty tomato sauce to pull everything together. It's down-home comfort food at its finest. Get the recipe here.
Preacher cake
Have you ever tried preacher cake? If you haven't, you are in for such a treat. Incredibly moist and easy to eat, this version of the cake adds flaked coconut to the crushed pineapple and nuts for a wonderfully rich treat. The frosting is pretty irresistible as well.
Easy Salisbury steak
It's as easy to make as it sounds. Shape hamburger patties, create a delicious (and super easy) gravy and let it cook for just a few minutes so it all comes together in one delicious entree. This recipe will impress your church friends.
Peach crumb cake
A multilayered Southern peach crumb cake is a delicious treat to enjoy with coffee, and this recipe is incredibly easy to make. The sour cream cake base is topped with a layer of fresh sweet peaches and a spiced layer of buttery crumbs.
Mediterranean chicken
Mediterranean flavors can work just beautifully alongside more traditional fare, as this lovely recipe demonstrates. Chicken and vegetables are simmered with herbs and broth for a truly delightful savory dish. Brown rice replaces the usual white rice for a deliciously nutty taste.
Milk and honey corn
You'll be surprised at how much flavor and taste a simple dish like this one can have.
Banana cream pie
Banana cream pie is a classic in the South and in diners all over the country. And it's no wonder why. Cream and velvety banana custard poured over a crust and then topped with delicious whipped cream -- what's not to love about it? Get the recipe.
Southern cobb salad with sweet onion dressing
Would you look at this? How beautiful does this Southern cobb salad look? Such a cinch to prepare but with spectacular results, this is truly a dish to impress and enjoy. The sweet onion dressing is a delicious match for this fresh and flavorsome salad. Get the recipe here.
Southern fried cabbage with sausage
The cabbage cooks down until it's super soft, and the browned bits of Italian sausage on the bottom of the pan mixed with a little bit of water makes a very simple sauce. In addition, the carrots give it a beautiful color that will make a great centerpiece at the table. Get the recipe here.
Brown sugar pound cake
It's amazing how much depth you can add to a simple pound cake just by adding brown sugar and pecans. The molasses in the mix really goes a long way to making this cake decadent. Get the recipe here.
Broccoli grape and pasta salad
This recipe is such a fabulous spin on pasta salad. Raw broccoli and red grapes are folded into cooked pasta, along with pecans and crumbled bacon for an interesting and tasty version of an old favorite. Get the recipe here.
Southern Bourbon Street rib-eye steak
The marinade for this rib-eye steak is so delicious. It does use just a little bit of bourbon, but don't worry about it if you're not that into alcohol. The flavors of the marinade will penetrate the steak but the liquid gets patted off just before the steak hits the grill. Get the recipe here.
Buttermilk sheet cake
I like to frost this buttermilk cake with fudge frosting because that’s how my granny always did it, but, of course, you can substitute any type of buttercream frosting you like. White chocolate buttercream is another favorite. Or go fruity with strawberry, raspberry or peach. Get the recipe here.
Green chile cornbread
Perfect to cut into squares and share, this delicious recipe is something familiar and different at the same time. Adding cheddar and green chiles to this easy baked cornbread recipe gives a fabulous result that is likely to prove pretty popular. Get the recipe here.
Southern green beans
This recipe for Southern green beans pairs the veggie with potatoes, bacon, and just the right amount of garlic for a delicious recipe that's homey and comforting.​
Southern corn chowder
The best Southern dishes are rich and flavorful, a little bit spicy and loaded with fresh vegetables. This Southern corn chowder recipe is a shining example. It’s amazing made with fresh, height-of-summer corn, but it’s absolutely delicious made with out-of-season or frozen corn, too.
Cheddar scallion biscuits
You can get the kids to help whip up these delicious little biscuits before Sunday church. Easy to make in minutes, this recipe relies on cream, cheese and scallions to achieve a rich biscuit that tastes so good everyone will want seconds. Get the recipe here.
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