7 Southern style pork spare rib recipes that are almost too good to be true

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In the South, we like our pork spare ribs falling off the bones. What's not to like about spare ribs? They're delicious and economical. They're great for barbeques or slow cooked in the oven.
Seriously, if you've never had a true Southern style pork spare rib dinner, you're in for a real treat! These recipes are almost too good to be true and offer up a new meaning to the phrase "Stick to your ribs good".
1. Oven-baked bbq ribs (h/t Butter Your Biscuit)
These fall-off-the-bone tender ribs are cooked low and slow, just as any true Southerner would cook them. They’re prepared with a dry rub, then wrapped in foil to seal the juices in.
2. Memphis-style pork ribs (h/t Simply Recipes)
For a taste of Memphis, look no further! If you like a sticky and spicy barbecue sauce that’s finger-lickin’ good, this is the recipe for you! Allow the dry rub spice mixture to sit overnight on the ribs so the flavors can soak through. That’s heaven right there!
3. Texas-style pork ribs (h/t Paleo Leap)
They say everything’s bigger and better in Texas. These ribs prove it! They’re scrumptious and they’re Paleo-friendly as well. What more could a guy or gal want?
4. Brown sugar glazed Cajun pork spare ribs (h/t Casa Veneracion)
Truth be told, in Louisiana, we like a little sugar with everything. These brown sugar glazed Cajun spare ribs do us proud! Combined with a Cajun spice mix, this recipe is divine!
5. Oven-baked St. Louis style ribs (h/t Cooking LSL)
While St. Louis is somewhat Midwestern, it also has a Southern vibe and down here in there South, we dig those St. Louis style ribs. I mean look at those babies! How could you go wrong with this recipe?
6. Baked bbq ribs (h/t Tip Hero)
These ribs offer up a delectably delicious flavor thanks to the five ingredients in the brown sugar rub. You’ll want to save the juices from the pan drippings to mix with the barbecue sauce and you'll end up with a yummy in your tummy coating on those ribs.
7. Southern country-style pork spareribs (h/t How to Feed a Loon)
Molasses, dark Karo syrup, and apple cider vinegar give these ribs a true Southern bbq coating.
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